Painting the inside of a home is one of those tasks that seems much easier in principle than it is in practice. As a result, homeowners who choose to undertake this task themselves often end up having to live with less than perfect results. If you have painting plans in your future and would like to learn more about getting the results you want, read on. This article will present three tips for a perfect paint job. 

De-fuzz your roller covers.

Nothing could be worse than successfully painting a wall--only to notice that your paint roller has left lint hairs embedded in the paint. Luckily, this problem can be easily circumvented when putting on new roller covers. All you have to do is wrap a piece of painter's tape around your hand with the sticky side facing out, and then carefully pat down the fresh roller cover. This will remove any stray bits of fluff, keeping your walls smooth and attractive.

Use caulk for painted stripes.

Putting a different colored stripe of paint along the top of the wall is a popular way to add depth to the color scheme of a room--so long as the line between the two is nice and crisp, that is. To help mark off such lines, many people use painter's tape. This can be problematic, however, because paint has a nasty way of sneaking below the edge of the tape.

To ensure perfect lines, plan to use latex caulk, which will create a much more paint-resistant seal than tape. Here's how: first, lay down a nice even line of tape with its top edge marking the line between the two colors. Then use a caulk gun to lay a bead of caulk along that top edge.

Finally, use your finger to wipe the caulk upward on the wall, so that you end up with a thin layer. Now remove the tape and paint the wall normally right up to the bottom of the caulk. After a few hours, when the paint has dried, simply peel off the caulk and admire your nice crisp line.

Clean paint spills on carpet by blotting.

No matter how careful you are when painting, sooner or later you're bound to drip some on the floor. With hardwood floors, all it takes is a wipe with a wet rag to remove stray paint. But things aren't quite so easy when it comes to carpet, where scrubbing and wiping will only embed the paint deeper in the carpet.

Instead, wet the area thoroughly using a spray bottle, and then use a clean rag to blot it up. You see, as long as you keep the spill wet, the paint won't set. And as long as you blot and don't wipe, you'll be able to lift the paint way without creating permanent stains.

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