If you are a person who is concerned about the environment and who is trying to reduce your negative impact on the environment, you may find yourself hopping on your bike on a daily basis to run errands or even to go to and from work. However, just because you are trying to be environmentally friendly does not mean you need to sacrifice style. Just like many people trick out and customize their cars and trucks, you can customize your bicycle to suit your tastes and personality. Get to know some of the ways that you can begin the bike customization process and get started turning your favorite mode of transportation into something that is uniquely you.

Powder Coat Your Bike Frame and Wheels

Of course, one of the first steps you can take in customizing your bike is to change up the color and paint job. Most bikes that you buy in stores and see around are all the same standard colors like basic red, black, and white. While these are classic and universal to be sure, they are not unique. Add to that the fact that the spokes of bike wheels usually have even less color variety and you have a recipe for blending into the crowd.

Repainting a bike using liquid paint can be tricky and may not work as the paint will have difficulty adhering to the metal frame of the bike and wheels. However, it is relatively easy to have a powder coating applied to transform your bike and wheels. Powder coating is similar to standard paint except it does not use the liquid component. Instead of being brushed onto a surface it is forcefully sprayed on and then heated in an oven (much like a kiln) to set the coating and cure it.

When choosing the colors for your powder coat, be sure to think of bold and interesting colors. Consider painting the frame of your bike one color and having another bright color to contrast it on your wheels. This will create a dramatic effect.

Get A Unique And Interesting Bike Seat

Once you have the frame and wheels of your bike in the perfect color, the next step is to get yourself a new and different bike seat to go along with the design. Bike seats are available in different shapes to accommodate your biking needs and in a wide variety of solid colors. Theoretically, you could get a different bike seat color to suit each day and every mood you are in.

However, if you really want to be unique, you will choose a bike seat that has a custom design or image on it. Many designers create bike seats with different cartoon animals or images on them like bright lime green frogs and fun pink flamingos with wild and colorful backgrounds. Get yourself a bike seat like that and there will be no mistaking your bike for someone else's in your daily travels.

With these ideas in mind, you can begin the process of customizing your bike and getting yourself the unique and interesting looking mode of transportation you have been looking for.