Painting your home is never a bad idea. Whether you are just in the market for a style upgrade, or if you need to restore the waterproof finish on the wall, painting is an inevitable part of owning a home. Painting a drywall interior surface is usually one of the simplest and quickest DIY home remodel projects. You can definitely make your paint job more affordable by doing it on your own, but you obviously want to make sure it looks professional. The key to a good paint job is making sure your lines, corners and edges are straight and clean. This article explains a helpful trick that will allow you to get professional looking lines. Luckily, you don't need to be a professional to use this technique and improve your paint job.

Using Painter's Tape and Spackling Paste

The key to this technique is to use painter's tape and lightweight spackling paste. First, you need to tape off the walls. When applying the tape, you first want to make sure that you push down as hard as possible with your fingers. To help save yourself from rubbing your fingers raw, wear padded gloves during this job.

Applying the Tape

It is also important that you try and follow the natural lines in your walls. That is, don't try and make the tape perfectly straight and level, if the wall you're taping along is not perfectly straight and level. For instance, if you are taping off the corner, try and keep the tape equal distance from the corner as you go along the wall.

Applying the Spackling Paste

The next step is to apply the spackling paste. With just your finger, rub a very small amount of spackling paste over the line of tape. You basically want to rub the paste on and then immediately off the wall. You don't want to leave chunks of spackling paste on the wall or tape. You don't want to alter the texture of the wall. The small amount of paste that you do spread over the tape will fill in any cracks or gaps underneath the tape line. This ultimately prevents the paint from seeping underneath the tape.

Using sparkling paste makes your lines look so much cleaner. Without it, you are bound to have splotchy lines. This simple trick will make your entire paint job look much cleaner and more professional in the end. Contact professional painters in your area for more information or assistance.